To blog or not to blog?

I’m about to head of on a three month backpacking trip across Africa and have debated for a while about setting up a blog of my trip. I’ve been torn for a few reasons ranging from whether I can actually write something people will want to read, to whether I will be bothered to do it after the first few days, to the thought of yet another travel blog clogging up in the internet.

I don’t know whether I can write anything that is any good or whether I will actually be bothered to maintain it for 3 month but I figured why not give it a go. I don’t really care if no-one reads it. It will be memories for me and a great way for my parents to see what I’m up to given they don’t have Facebook or Instagram.

So here it is, hopefully my first blog post of many detailing my preparations and experiences as I head out on my African Adventure.


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