Last day of work? Check!

So today was my last day of work until the middle of a July and I could not be more excited! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (yes those people do exist!) but it means 10 days to relax with my family and friends and that the trip is finally here. 

I mentioned this trip to work almost a year ago and I’m really lucky that my manager was really supportive of the idea and that I work for an organisation that encourages career breaks. Knowing I have a job to come back to helps with the stress of ‘I’m in serious debt how can I afford to eat now I’m home’. 

The trip has never really felt real until today, not when I booked my flights or paid for the trip or when I got jabbed in the arm and had to fork out loads of money on travel vaccines and malaria tablets. But finishing everything up, saying bye and putting on my out of office made me realise that I am actually doing this. I have been dreaming of a trip like this since I was 16 so I’m so excited I can finally say it’s going to happen in just over a week.

Now to spend the next 10 days reassuring my mum that I will not be robbed/kidnapped/get lost in the African wilderness and eaten by a lion and to learn how to pack light so I don’t break my back trying to carry my bag!


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