Packing Hell!

Anyone that knows me knows the one thing I really struggle with is packing light. I’m the ‘what if I need that’ type packer which is not ideal when you are going backpacking for 3 months. So today I did packing attempt number one which can only be described as hell! 

That mound of stuff on my bed was what I needed to somehow get into my backpack along with some shoes, a sleeping bag and various other odds and ends you can’t see here. I bought some packing cubes as I thought this might make the job easier but turns out using them meant I had no manoeuvre room in my backpack so after spending time carefully packing them all up, I had to unpack most of them. I was not impressed. I then spent the next couple of hours packing and repacking various bags, rolling and folding various items of clothing and discarding more and more items from the packing pile. 

My biggest issue seemed to be the toiletries I’m taking as they can’t be squashed into tiny little gaps. Yes I know I can buy stuff out there but I want to have at least some shower gel and toothpaste for when I arrive. Plus I’m not sure how easy it will be to find factor 50 suncream in the middle of the Serengeti or find the mousse I need to stop my hair looking like Monica’s when she goes to Barbados. I know people will say when you are backpacking you care less about looking like you would at home but frizzy, Afro, untamed curls is one thing I cannot deal with. 

Several attempts later, and having made my bedroom look like a bomb just went off, I managed to cram everything to my backpack and get it zipped up. Just. Thankfully I have a couple of days to try and do a repack and minimise the chances of my backpack bursting at the seems!


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