Africa · South Africa


First stop on my trip has been Jo’burg and I didn’t really know what to expect as you hear some awful things about this city and are told not to walk anywhere on your own (which isn’t what I’m used to) but it hasn’t been a bad few days. 

I arrived at the airport after almost 24 hours of travelling to find my transfer wasn’t there! Not the best start but I found a taxi, and after some issues finding the right address, I was making my way to the hostel. I’m staying at the Curiocity Backpackers in the Maboneng precinct which is a really interesting in and coming development filled with restaurants, art galleries and shops. After my journey and a bit of a wait to check in I didn’t really feel like doing much so the afternoon was spent making some new friends and going for a bit of a wander around Maboneng. The hostel has a bar/chill out area downstairs where I spent some time chatting to others before heading out for some traditional South African food and then an early night.

Day 2 in Jozi also started with a bit of a hitch as Paige and I were hoping to do the city sightseeing bus and a a tour of Soweto, only to discover it was running due to some bus strike. Time to rethink! The hostel offered a inner city tour so we opted for that and spent the next 4 hours wandering through Maboneng and central Jo’burg. Maboneng is a really interesting area, all the result of one developer trying to regenerate a forgotten bit of the city and commissioning some amazing street art. This one was my favourite!

Maboneng is also home to the largest second hand bookshop in the Southern Hemisphere, which houses over 2 millions books and various other nik-naks. It was a biazarre experience and the picture below doesn’t do it justice but will give you an idea (we weren’t supposed to take pictures so that’s why it’s a bit rubbish)

Next on to the Top of Africa, the highest building in S.A which gives a great view of the whole of Johannesburg and then a walk through Ghanaian Square, the Mining District and the area where Mandela had his first law office. The afternoon was spent at the Aparthied Museum with some new friends made on the walking tour. At the entrance to the museum you are classified as either ‘white’ or ‘non-white, which determines which entrance you can take, I was ‘white’. A great idea and I only wish it could have been extended across more of the museum so you could see the different experiences. The museum was so interesting and I could have easily spent more time there. 

Tomorrow I head out of Jo’burg and continue my journey on through S.A and down towards the coast, sharing the first baz bus journey with my new friend Paige. I would have liked an extra day here so I could have gone to Soweto and done a couple more sites but I can definitely see why people say you don’t need much time here. Till next time Johannesburg!


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