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Stunning Chintsa!

When I told other people on the Baz Bus I was skipping over Coffee Bay and heading straight down to Chintsa I got some funny looks but the view from my dorm room definitely reassured me I made the right choice. The scenery here is simply stunning!

I got off the Baz Bus with 4 others who were a bundle of energy and laughter and I knew they would not make the next few days dull. I was proved right when about 10 minutes after checking in Asaf dragged me down to the bar where we discovered free wine! Not that we stayed long once we heard there was a local music festival. 

The festival was really cute, with picnic tables, fairy lights and an open fire and plenty of dogs to fuss over. 2 bands played and it was a great way to spend the first night in a new place with new people. The locals were all so friendly, chatting away to us about where we were from etc and it was great to feel so welcome in what was clearly a local event. Good music, great company and good booze, Chintsa sure gave us a warm welcome.

The next day started with a free breakfast (a backpacker’s dream!) in what can only be described as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever eaten breakfast. Just look at this view: 

Once I’d filled up on the breakfast I ventured down for my first experience of a South African beach, despite being a little windy I was not disappointed. The sand was beautiful, the water clear and the surroundings perfect. The whole experience was made even better when I discovered you have to walk across an adorable little bridge to get to the beach.

That afternoon I was reminded of my inability to play any kind of ball sport with a game of volley ball with the guys from the bus, some new arrivals and some other travellers. I quickly opted out and chose to sunbathe instead which obviously resulted in me getting burnt. I even put my factor 50 on but I guess some things never change! The evening kicked off with card games with some of the backpackers which, when there are 7 different languages amongst you, proved somewhat difficult when it came to explaining rules. We all chose to eat at the hostel that night and were greeted by a candle lit communal dining space and delicious food. One of the bands from the night before was playing in the bar so we headed down there, enticed by a free shot (which, after tasting, I could have done without!) and spent the evening dancing, laughing and enjoying music by some of the locals. 

The next morning I was up early for a horse ride along the beach. I was a little nervous as I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve been on a horse is at a school fete when I was about 10. This wasn’t made better by the guide telling me I couldn’t let my horse get close to the others because she would kick them! Helmet on, I climbed onto my horse and hoped I would quickly get the hang of it and wouldn’t be thrown off immediately. Whilst I managed to stay on Flickers was proving to be somewhat difficult; refusing to walk, walking down the middle of the road, crossing the road of her own accord. This was not proving to be easy! A quick trade with the guide, and aboard a different and much larger horse, we proceeded to the beach by which time Flickers had learnt to behave and I was allowed her back. Trotting, cantering and walking down the beach with the waves crashing next to us was amazing, I loved every minute of it. We headed back to the farm through the bush with one of the horses deciding to go for swim by the bridge but thankfully it wasn’t my one this time. Back at the farm I realised just how painful 2.5 hours on a horse is and spent the next few hours with very sore knees and bum.

A large proportion of the group were heading out on the Baz Bus that evening but not before we shared a few glasses of free wine (there is a theme at this hostel) and some card games. It was a quiet evening with only 4 of us left but gave chance to sort our bags and put the world to rights before heading to bed. The next morning we were all heading out on the bus, 10 hours for me back to Durban for the wedding.

I couldn’t possibly leave without one last morning stroll along the beach however. This place has definitely stolen my heart.


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