Africa · South Africa


After another 10 hours drive on the Baz Bus I made it back to Durban and checked into one of the nicest hostels I’ve seen so far. It’s first floor of an old building (and thankfully the bus driver carried my bag upstairs!!!) with an open courtyard around which are the rooms, bar, kitchen and bathrooms. The rooms were huge and one of the guys from the bus and I had a whole dorm to ourselves and the kitchen and bathrooms, while basic, were bigger and more modern than most I’d seen. Guess that’s what comes with the hostel being less than a year old.

The next day wasn’t particularly eventful. Lack of wifi and companions to go exploring with (the hostel was weirdly empty) meant I spent the morning just chatting to some of the other guests. We asked the hostel for recommendations for lunch as we all wanted to try the famous Durban dish of Bunny Chow, a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry, however the recommendation ended up turning into the bar guy escorting us down to the beach for lunch. I guess because we couldn’t walk there ourselves, something I’m finding really difficult to get used to but hey this is South Africa after all. We sat down for lunch with the Indian Ocean and ticked into the biggest curry ever, tasted so good but I definitely couldn’t finish it all.

After lunch I took an uber out to Umhlanga where I was spending the night and checked into a gorgeous B&B which after hostels felt like luxury. My own room, bathroom and double bed! This is a safe part of town so I was finally able to wander around on my own and I headed into town, walking along the beach and obviously stopping to take even more pictures of the beach (pretty sure that’s what 80% of my pictures are so far!). After getting a little lost I found the shops as well as Carey and Tieg which was a nice surprise as wasn’t expecting to see them yet. That evening I took full advantage of the privacy and the good wifi, catching up on Broadchurch and some other TV before having an early night. 

A great nights sleep and a delicious breakfast set me up for the next few days at Rain Farm and Carey and Tieg’s wedding! I cannot wait!


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