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The Wedding ❤️

The last few days have been pretty busy and this is the first chance I’ve had to post since last week so there is a fair bit to catch up on, most of which I probably can’t remember.

After my day in Durban and my stay at the lovely B&B I finally met up with Carey and Tieg and headed out to Rain Farm for the wedding. Spending some time with them made me realise just how much I miss living with them and so I was really glad I was going to be able to share their wedding day. Rain Farm is a small game reserve and the stunning scenery makes it the perfect location for a wedding. 

My accommodation for the next 2 nights was a huge safari tent up in the trees looking out across the reserve with a huge bed, shower and roll top bath all for me (not that I had chance to use the bath!). I really was being spoilt with my accommodation during this part of my trip. 

The reserve is home to plenty of animals and it wasn’t long before I spotted some monkeys, and something I’ve been informed was springbok but could actually be anything. I was still holding out for the giraffe though and was not impressed when several others told me they had already spotted them. 

That evening we had dinner and some drinks with the others who had come across the night before the wedding and it was really nice to catch up with those people I hadn’t seen since I left London. It wasn’t long though before Carey got us girls working to help finalise the last few things before the big day and so a sticker production line commenced. Everyone headed off to bed fairly early that night and falling asleep listening to nature was amazing. Although I found it less amazing at 4am when so,thing woke me up and I convinced myself a monkey had managed to get into the bathroom 🐒.

The wedding wasn’t until 2pm so we had a leisurely morning at Rain Farm and I finally saw a giraffe. For some reason I took a walk just up from my tent and there it was, just staring at me as I crept closer towards it prays that it wouldn’t run away. Thankfully it obliged for a few minutes allowing me to take loads of photos before it ran away. I don’t think I have ever been that excited/happy in my entire life, I almost cried! 

All dressed up I headed up to the bar about 12:45 to meet up with the other guests and about 1:30 we headed into the beautiful stone chapel ahead of the ceremony. All the bridal party looked stunning and I may have shed a tear or two seeing Carey and her dad walk down the aisle. The service was lovely, if not a little different to ceremonies I’ve been to in the UK but maybe it was just because the guy was a bit of a character. Drinks, canapés and chatting on the deck followed the ceremony before we all headed into the reception. The reception was so ouch fun, the food was amazing, the drinks were flowing and Tieg may have made me cry again with his speech! Plenty of dancing, laughing and shots of tequila and before I knew it, it was about 2am and I was trying to figure out how to get back to my tent where I promptly passed out. 

Surprisingly I didn’t wake up feeling too horrendous the next morning however the same could not be said for most of the other guests. I was meant to head back into Durban centre that afternoon but ended up spending the day (and as it turned out night) with Carey, Tieg and her family which was so nice of them. Most of the day was spent on the sofa instead of enjoying the sun but I think it is what we all needed after the night before. Pam and Ray kindly let me crash on the sofa in their apartment and it was really nice not having to go all the way back to the hostel on my own, plus it was closer to the airport for my flight in the morning. 

It was a great way to end a lovely few days catching up with people and after a week on my own was great to see some friendly faces. The wedding was simply amazing and I am so thankful to Carey and Tieg for letting me share it with them.


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